Anchor Reel

Gabriela Milian was the main host/anchor, along with Bruno Ferreira, on the six-episode television series “Rutgers Around the World.” This show celebrated Rutgers international history for Rutgers University’s 250th anniversary. The television show explores Rutgers’ global footprint through in-depth discussions and profiles of Rutgers’ change-makers and international opportunities on all seven continents. To skip to…

Voiceover in Spanish

Turismo en Mérida A visual and voiceover of tourism in the city of Mérida, México. Gabriela Milian edited and is the main voice of this documentary, minus the interview conducted in English by Wanda Quintanilla.

Documentary Project

The Eze Way You will be sure to fall in love with the dynamic between this family of D1 athletes, centered around twin brothers Emeke and Olisa Eze.